People Who Make Qualia Folk Possible

Qualia Folk is the result of years of work by scholars, Straight and Gay, united in their support of the LGBTQ community. These include scholars who have also participated in the production of the Qualia Encyclopedia of Gay People:

John Alley
Simon Bronner
Diane Goldstein
Joe Goodwin
Jay Mechling
Patrick Mullen
Jan Rosenberg
Martha Sims
Polly Stewart
Marilyn White

Articles have been reviewed by scholars in folklore and LGBTQ folklife (primarily but not exclusively Goodwin, Rosenberg, Stewart, and Weems). As this project is intended to be a perpetual work in progress, we welcome comments, criticism, new articles, and input from community members and activists.


Mickey Weems, coordinator (
Kevin Mason, coordinator
Joe Goodwin, advisor
Polly Stewart, advisor
Stawn Kaufman, web wizard

Editorial Board participants:

Polly Stewart
Joe Goodwin
Jan Rosenberg
Jay Mechling
Martha Sims
Marilyn White
Diane Goldstein
Jody Thompson

Contributing authors in the Qualia Encyclopedia of Gay People:

Ertug Altinay
Crisosto Apache
David Azzolina
Sarah Boslough
Jen Westmoreland Bouchard
Cindy Boucher
Wolfgang Busch
Reggie Byron
Chang Pei
Chen Yilin
Ramon Corpuz
Michael Daniels
Guillermo de los Reyes
Jim Deutsch
Stephanie Doktor
Sylvain Duguay
Eric Eliason
Daniel Farr
Jenrose Fitzgerald
Krys Freeman
Jehanne-Marie Gavarini
Joseph Gelfer
Joe Goodwin
Misty Grantham
Paula Greenhill
Nadia Guidotto
Thomas Haig
John Hunter Hake
Jaime Hartless
Laura Kane
Tammie Kaufman
Carrie Kline
Tracy Little
Loykie Lominé
Kat Long
Marsha MacDowell
Kevin Mason
Craig Miller
Gregory Mitchell
Caryn Newmann
David Parker
Mojca Ramsak
Bowen Riley
Kristen Rodier
Paul Saltz
Carol Silverman
Martha Sims
Polly Stewart
Mark Thompson
Ryan Richard Thoreson
Luziris P. Turi
Rachel Loewen Walker
Lauren Welker
Mickey Weems
Steve Weinstein
Wendy Welch

Others who have helped us put the Encyclopedia (and Qualia) together:

Abel Aguilera and Ralphi Rosario
Buck Angel
Alison Bechdel
Aaron Betsky
Charles Brack
Staceyann Chin
Steve Greenberg
Noelle Kahanu
Tom Kasulis
Kathryn Klassen
Power Infiniti
Lesbian Herstory Archives
Jason MacFarlane of J-Flag
Victor Mauro and Shane Rogers
Kevin Omni
Arsham Parsi of IRQR
Romaine Patterson
Edward Phillips of the US Holocaust Museum
Kaleo Tevaitea Tanoa Ramos
Andy Reynolds
Empress José Sarria (the Widow Norton)
Sile Singleton (Luster Lustivious)
Dan Taulapapa
Hattie SK
Gretchen Phillips
Lauren Welker

Our thanks to those who helped us make this possible.

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